Conditioned & secured storage
of pharmaceuticals
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Conditioned & secured storage of pharmaceuticals

CryoReliance is a storage facility based at the Bioscience Park, Leiden and provides conditioned and secured storage for the medical, pharmaceutical and research organizations which has to comply with the GMP rules and guidelines.

Choosing for storage at CryoReliance can be for different purposes, like reducing risk or make space at your own facility. Your wish our command.
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Specialized storage, Rental, Transportation, Packaging

Our company is accredited by the Dutch ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, department IGZ. CryoReliance’s quality system has its basis in EU-GMP and ISO 17025, which is built to serve and support quality organizations. The responsibility for maintaining the quality system lies with the manager QA, who reports directly to the managing director of CryoReliance.

Specialized storage

In case of specialized storage like biohazard materials, our facility has a Bio Safety Officer.

More services

CryoReliance offers different services aside of the storage, such as rental equipment (Ultra Low Freezers, Refrigerators and -20 Freezers with a I/O/PQ on site if needed).

Cold chain transportation

Another service of CryoReliance is GDP certified cold chain transportation, accredited by SGS.


Providing dry ice and packaging materials for customers.
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